Teen/Young Adult Reward Tokens



It was pointed out to me that I have two kid themed reward token sets that are great for kiddos, but nothing for a bit older crowd, so with teens and young adults in mind, here is a new 16 count set!

Each of the 16 tokens are about 1.5″ in diameter and would fit in standard size Easter eggs.

The 16 tokens are:
— Movie Night
— Drive Thru Breakfast
— Buy Me A Drink
— Laundry Service
— One Clean Room
— Sleep Until Noon
— Free Junk Food
— Tank of Gas
— One Phone Accessory
— Extend Screen Time 30 Min
— Dinner Pass
— Chore Pass
— Extend Curfew 30 Min
— Lifesaver Bring Me Something I Forgot
— Stay Home
— Wash My Car

Don’t like one/not suit your kid? Kid doesn’t have a car yet? Just leave that one out!

Want a wooden box too? Head here: https://www.thecrackedpig.com/product/small-personalized-wooden-boxes/

Don’t think your big kid wants Easter eggs or is it not that time of year? Add a holographic gift bag for just $1.

*Note, as this is a laser cut item, light char on the wood is totally natural and normal


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